Training Courses

As we are a company dealing with the design and installation of marine electronic systems, we also offer our clients comprehensive training courses in the scope of the commissioning and use of installed measuring devices.

We offer theoretical and practical training sessions, matching each training program to the specific user requirements.

We offer professional training and support in the fields of the service and use of:

  • echosond jednowiązkowych i wielowiązkowych,
  • scanning sonars
  • side-scan sonars – hull-mounted and towed,
  • underwater acoustic positioning systems (USBL, LBL),
  • multi-beam sonars (acoustic cameras),
  • hydrographic software (QINSy, QIMERA, Fledermaus),
  • integrated, dedicated information systems.

All of our specialists have knowledge and experience confirmed by certifications issued by the producers we represent.

Wybierając ofertę naszej firmy, użytkownicy nabywają coś więcej niż same urządzenia – zdobywają możliwość profesjonalnego wsparcia, które pozwala im na skuteczne wykorzystywanie systemów w codziennej pracy.

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