Statek badawczy ECHO 2

Echo 2 is our research and training boat used to:

  • hydrographic measurements in marine and inland waters,
  • monitoring of the coastal zone of the Baltic Sea,
  • searching for wrecks at sea,
  • inspections of buildings, wharves, pipelines, including checking the cleanliness of the bottom,
  • inspection of hydrotechnical constructions and ship hulls by means of underwater television,
  • specialized training in the use of hydroacoustic and hydrographic systems.

The ship on board can accommodate up to 12 people.

We offer the possibility of renting (charter) a ship ECHO 2 for diving work.

Basic dimensions of the ship:
Length: 13.0 m, Width: 4.1 m, Draft: 1.2 m

Auxiliary deck equipment:
- hydraulic stern ramp with ladder hydraulically lowered to the water line (useful when entering and leaving the water and for immersing the equipment)
- deck crane with a dmc of 100 kg

Hydrographic equipment:
The ship has a fully integrated hydrographic system, which includes a multi-beam echosounder, towed sonar, scanning sonar, RTK GPS positioning system, ROV Falcon underwater vehicle, underwater positioning system, and the ARIS acoustic camera.

Jednostka ECHO

Oferujemy wykonywanie prac hydrograficznych za pomocą jednostki ECHO. Łódź przeznaczona do pracy na jeziorach i w rzekach.

Wyposażona w silnik zaburtowy, transportowana na przyczepie.

Parametry jednostki

Długość 4.50m
Szerokość 1.75m
Waga 280 kg
Ilość osób 5 + 150kg

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