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Curiosity and the need to explore the underwater world in today's world leads to the discovery of shipwrecks lying at the bottoms of water reservoirs. Investigations of this type allows many puzzles to be solved, both historical and related to present-day vessel accidents.

Detected wrecks can be very accurately located, thanks to the shoreline visible on the image and the metric scale imposed. The creation of a sonar mosaic from several scans made around the wreck allows for detailed depictions of details. Below is an interesting example of research carried out by us on the Szczecin Lagoon (picture on the right).



Exploration on large areas can be ensured by using towed sonar. This sonar works in the frequency range from 550 kHz to 1 MHz. Thanks to the use of an underwater vehicle, we can explore the bed, objects lying on it, and secure all diving works. The Saab Seaeye ROV Falcon we use is a reliable and proven tool in all underwater work.