System monitoringu lądowiska helikoptera na statku HMS100

The HMS 100 (Helideck Monitoring System) is designed to measure helideck motion during helicopter landing and take-off operations in order to improve both flight and passenger safety. HMS 100 monitors the helidecks heave, heave velocity, roll, pitch and inclination in real-time. The core of the system utilizes the Motion Reference Unit, MRU H, to precisely monitor vessel motion, these data are transferred to the HMS Prosessing Unit, which processes all helideck motion data in our unique HMS 100 software. The HMS 100 system can interface to, utilize and display data from meteorological sensors for monitoring also the environmental conditions at the helideck (wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, humidity and barometric pressure). In addition HMS 100 can utilize and display navigation data from GPS and gyrocompass sensors.
The HMS 100 system processes and presents helideck motion data in a clear, easy-to-read graphic user interface. An automatic generation of a helideck report that can be sent by E-mail to the helicopter operator is included. This helideck report includes vessel information, motion data, meterological data and logistic information vital for helicopter operations.
HMS 100 is compliant with Civil Aviation Authority regulations
The HMS 100 is fully compliant with the prevailing recommendations and guidelines issued by the Civil Aviation Authority in both UK and Norway. Further it also meets the reporting requirements of all major offshore helicopter operators. The CAA recommendations contained within CAP 437 have been incorporated into a dedicated CAP437 screen window available from the menu. The HMS 100 software is designed with easy upgrade facilities if any future improvements or requirements should be issued by the Civil Aviation Authorities.
Flexible and easy installation
The motion reference unit MRU, with the aid of selected lever arms in the set-up procedures, enables total installation flexibility. The unit can be installed at the helideck, on the bridge or at any other suitable location on the vessel, the lever arm software makes it possible for the operator to set up the measuring point to be precisely at the centre of the helideck.
Advanced features in the HMS include
  • 48 hours logging capability according to new regulations
  • Electronical transmition of data using Ethernet
  • Check and verification module and procedures

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